Custom cover

Custom cover

The London Covers Custom Made Indoor Car Cover provides the ultimate level of bespoke protection. Made from a thick cotton acrylic that features an incredibly soft fleece lining, these covers are perfect for keeping your car pristine whilst it is in its garage. With the choice of 18 colours and various designs and embroidery features, a London Covers Custom Made Indoor Cover is the premium solution to keeping your car immaculate between uses.

Centre panel colour: x
Left panel colour: x
Right panel colour: x
Piping colour: x
Left mirror pocket colour: x
Right mirror pocket colour: x
Single stripe colour: none
Left stripe colour: none
Right stripe colour: none
Logo front: none
Logo back: none
Logo left: none
Logo right: none
Logo top: none
Pocket top left: none
Pocket top right: none
Pocket bottom left: none
Pocket bottom right: none

Make and Model if not listed:

Vehicle Make
Year / Reg. No.
Number of wing mirrors
Position of mirrors
Right- or Left-hand drive
Logo marque
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Price: £290.00

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